Tuesday, January 1, 2008


1 The Secret Universe (not on any album - yet;)

2 Structure of Ambient Life (Ambient Life)

3 Sunshine (not on any album)

4 Crossing The Boundries (Edge of the Dreamworld)

5 Waiting for Eternity (Edge of the Dreamworld)

6 A Night Full of Stars (Invisible Order)

7 Between Fenceposts (Highway 1)

8 One To Be (Trajectories)

9 Aurora (the convolving universe)

10 encompass (perception)

11 persistence of time (landscape of a dream)

12 beyond the path (edge of the dreamworld)

13 corona (the convolving universe)

14 conceal (invisible order)

15 mist of heaven (edge of the dream world)

16 Azair (not ambient)

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